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Marketing Sex – Filipina Lady Story

Commercialization of sex is nothing new. Watch the ads on TV and ads on the network. Is filled with sex ads for the rights of consumers attention and hopefully the sale.

Sex marketer in the world of online dating is so important. Many women use their sex appeal to find a potential mate. For some women, it is their only recourse, as they put much effort in his words to fill out their profile.

When it comes to blame, you can criticize women for using sex to sell itself, but the men in the game and putting as much emphasis on appearance versus the substance in the profile of a lady by the words you type. Obviously, I’m making a general statement and this is not true of all men, but I’m always amazed how a sexy woman in one of my sites that says very little about herself in her profile, top view for the month. Rarely is a woman seeking half the words in his biography that can inspire, you get the most views.

This leads to one of the great epidemics in the network – cheating. You can try to blame the webmaster, but not have a crystal ball and know beforehand what are the intentions of the lady are when they join. In other words, do not put in your application / bio, which binds to the site people cheating, but full of sincerity that is looking for love. You could blame women themselves for being dishonest to his real intention was to take advantage of men for financial gain alone instead of seeking love. You can also pass on some of the blame for the men themselves.

I’m still surprised at the obvious a letter scam and how men are still for them. I say on my site (s) that you should never send money over the other stages are aware of a relationship. If a woman is asking for money early in a relationship or that comes with some sad story that she needs money note. Of course there are exceptions, so that only man to judge whether it is being sincere or not. Hard to do by some e-mails and a few phone calls. Use common sense should prevail, but that seems to come the door when hormones are involved. Time also should be part of their criteria in the search for love. Most scammers do not have the patience to walk to get to know for months if you are not providing any money for your stay in the game. Since there are too many uncertainties, the best policy would not send money when you are meeting someone on the network – no matter how sincere their story may seem.

Are there exceptions? Probably. If you ask me if it worth the risk of sending money to a woman to help pay shipping costs or rent a computer at an internet cafe, this risk is minimal and reasonable, probably. After all, if you were dating someone at the local level, most guys are going to spend the money to date with no guarantee that there will be more dates in the future. Besides helping a Filipina lady, with shipping rates and internet cafe is probably recommended, unless she is saying the nearest cafe is located 400 kilometers away and is trying to get paid for travel expenses.

When a woman is asking its offering with the financial assistance to support more costly in time or money for a time a significant investment to help out, be careful. I think one of the scams most common is when a lady asks for help in a school-related expenses or college

A Filipina Lady Story

A woman joins a dating site. She is very attractive, but far from this world. Her beauty attracted many suitors. Many of these men are lonely and use the money to treat to influence women. She quickly learns how easy it is to use their appeal to help her financially. It has hundreds of people sending their money – they all believe that he is the one you love. Over time, you make a mistake and someone noticing. She is banned from the dating site when the evidence is that is scamming. When banned stating that his profile and picture to put back on the site. She ripped off many, but also want to find the one man she can love and care it for the rest of his life. She is afraid!

She tries again and promises that his sincerity in the pursuit of love will be true. She still has many many suitors and again boast of its financial capacity to take care of her. It’s about finding a man who is financially able to support their brine, but broach the subject. She did not want to risk being labeled a scammer again. With patience and time, which makes known someone who can love and feel safe.

They have been happily married for ten years. The moral of the story is simple. The men keep wallets and let your heart do the talking. The above story with some variations that occur more often. Whose fault?

It is worth repeating. Use common sense, do not send money in another phase known of the relationship and give it time no money involved unless for reasonable expenses, fees and expenses of internet cafe. Otherwise, if you fall for a scam, is may have only yourself to blame.

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